Contactless Card Making Machine

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  1. Antenna And Module Spot Welding Machine

    Antenna And Module Spot Welding Machine is widely used for antenna and module spot welding applications in ultrasonic technology, welding effects and so on. This is adopted modern servo positioning system to guarantee accurate welding point. In addition, it stores the information in CPU to keep a complete record for future references.
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  2. Automatic Antenna Implanting Machine

    Automatic Antenna Implanting Machine is designed with PC control principle with LCD screen make the operation of implanting antenna in simple and easy manner. This is designed to embedding the antenna according to the set programmed routine using double-axis stepping system as well as powerful servo system. It comes with powerful ultrasonic antenna embedding technology to ensure stable working.
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  3. Hole Punching Machine

    This modern and fully-featured Hole Punching Machine is designed for punching holes with high capacity and precision. It is available in durable structure with chrome plated surface to ensure sturdy and robust construction. Its user-friendly design with minimum maintenance structure guarantees to facilitate users in punching precise holes for years without any abrasion.
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  4. Contactless Card Module Placing Machine

    This high-tech Contactless Card Module Placing Machine is ideal to exactly place the contactless card module in the PVC sheet on the fixing position. It is available with computer controlled systems along with touch screen to easily and swiftly control the process. With vacuum picking techniques, this machine provides high accuracy in positioning and placing the card modules.
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